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Dr. Sunny Ezhumattoor

                Dr. Sunny Ezhumattoor also known as Dr. John Mathew has been a conservative critique on controversial topics for many decades. He is the author of  many award winning books on social and family issues. His literary works display the profound knowledge and erudition he gained in economics, sociology. political science, Philosophy, Scientific Humanism and Jurisprudence. Dr. Sunny uses his mighty talent in writing as a tool for correction and predicting irrational and inexcusable  practices among Christians as well as society in general.

              From the year 1973, Dr. Sunny resides at Houston, Texas with his wife Annamma and  three sons Sunil, Jason and Cyril. Sunil  and his wife Jean have two children Lucas and Aubrey.  Jason and Shiana have three children Joshua, Nathan and Sophia. Cyril and Megan have two children Caleb and Elizabeth. In 2013 Dr. Sunny retired from JP Morgan Chase Bank in Houston after 40 years of service.


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